the studio

I'm Hannah

designer & owner

I have always been a creative. I like to say I was “made to create” by the ultimate creator. To me, designing and doing what I feel called to do is my way of praising God. It is an act of worship and one that I have carried with me throughout my life. 

To me this business isn’t about making money but about the freedom it brings to serve others with my passions. I love how it allows me to meet fellow creatives from across the globe, cultivate friendships, and collaborate together to elevate their business.

When I’m not designing for Oaklyn, I usually have a camera in hand broadening my vision and skillset in videography. I also enjoy getting out into nature to recharge myself by hiking, mountain biking, & snowboarding.

I am a believer in uniqueness, staying true to who you are, and making a difference in the world through what we do.

The team

office manager


Willow maintains the peace of the office environment as well as chasing off unwanted guests. This wanna-be-lap-dog is the sweetest and best (furry) business buddy I could ask for. Although she does pollute the office air a little too frequently...

time management assistant


Audrey has taken it upon herself to be in charge of my morning alarm. Her favorite way of waking me up includes grooming herself loudly next to my head, jumping on the window and knocking things off, as well as (the classic) meow alarm.


If time isn’t on your side… I’m totally down for being the cheese to your mac, the robin to your batman, the ultimate time-fighting sidekick!

I’ll customize the template of your choice to fit your brand & business. You provide the copy and photos, and I’ll take care of everything else.


Deep down, you inherently know your brand – it’s you, your passion, your business ideals, all wrapped up in a tangled bundle of yarn, waiting to be unraveled. 

That’s what I am here for – to help you unearth the passion that’s been covered by confusion, doubt, or comparison. To help you realize the potential of your business through brand development. To create and cultivate something meaningful – a soul – that will touch the hearts of those you serve.