August Color Scheme

August 1, 2019

This months color scheme was heavily inspired by our recent hikes here in Durango. An array of green trees, grassy fields, clay mud along the riverbeds, and sandy banks. It isn’t summer without visits in nature! Keep scrolling to grab the color codes.


HEX: #a2a377
Pantone: 5767 UP
Benjamin Moore: Hillside Green / 495

HEX: #3d544a
Pantone: 18-5913 TCX
Benjamin Moore: Crisp Romaine / 686

HEX: #efddc7
Pantone: Skin Tone 1
Benjamin Moore: Warm Blush / 892

Mauve Wood
HEX: #ac7d73
Pantone: 7523 UP
Benjamin Moore: Autumn Brown / 2099-40

See this color scheme in action on the Logo Shop!



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  1. Madeline Winn says:

    Hi there!
    I ran across this post on Pinterest and I am absolutely in love with the Sprice and Mauve Wood colors! 😍

    I was wondering if these were from a specific paint company?
    (I wasn’t sure what the color codes were in reference to.)

    Such a stunning color scheme!

    • Hannah Robinson says:

      That is a very good point! I’ll start including Pantone and Benjamin Moore for those who don’t need digital values.

      For the Spruce:
      Benjamin Moore Crisp Romaine / 686

      Mauve Wood:
      Benjamin Moore Autumn Brown / 2099-40

      Those are the nearest values to what I posted 🙂
      Glad you loved the color scheme!

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