You may be wondering why you’d ever need to optimize your photography for your website, or you already know you should but are wondering the best ways to go about it. Then you’re in the right place! Why Optimize The most obvious reasons? You want to optimize to increase your site speed and boost your […]

How to Optimize Your Photography for Your Website

It’s the thrill of a new venture. The excitement of finally taking that bold step. That new book smell – if you will. Starting your own business is in fact a very exciting and thrilling task. So much so that it’s easy to lose focus on what steps we need to take or what foundations […]

What you MUST do before branding your photography business

The beautifully deep logo design for Lillie Duncan, a photographer and writer focused on faith and healing.

Lillie Duncan

I had the pleasure working with Ricky Chase, a Barbados Wedding photographer. He came to me as a referral from Aniya, and was in need of a brand for his business. Together we created a modern and masculine brand that should stand the tests of time.

Brand for Ricky Chase Photography

Greg Morgan, one of my first and most memorable clients in my business career, is a New Mexico Senior portrait photographer. She captures the excitement and beauty of each client in her warm and inspiring style. Greg came to me in dire need of a refresh. Her website especially wasn’t reflecting her talents or generating […]

Brand + Website for Greg M. Photography

I had the absolute joy and pleasure to work with Aniya, a Barbados wedding photographer focused on capturing the REAL moments during her client’s weddings. And in conjunction with her mission, her photography is full of life, joy, and precious moments.

Brand for Life Photography by Aniya