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May Color Scheme 2022


And just like that, another month of 2022 is in the books. I was sick the entire first week of May, so this color scheme is a little late. Shout out to Emily C. for sending me an email reminding me 😉 I love hearing and see how much you all like these color schemes. […]

April Color Scheme 2022


Spring is just around the corner, thus I was inspired to make the April Color scheme vibrant and cheerful! Leaves me waiting in anticipation for warmer weather and spring flowers in lush meadows! Wanting the colors? PersimmonHex: #E08966Pantone: 486Benjamin Moore: Golden Cherry / 069 AlmondHex: #EEE2D4Pantone: Pastel 9060Benjamin Moore: Peach Cooler / 022 Mauve BlushHex: […]

March Color Scheme 2022


For March’s color scheme I wanted to include one of my current favorite green shades (just painted an accent wall this color!). The beautiful sage green that I’ve dubbed Pineview. I paired it with some beautiful blues and a bright coral to grab interest. Hope you love this month’s color scheme for March 2022! Wanting […]

Branding for Britt Jensen Photography


I had the pleasure of working with Britt of Britt Jensen Photography to make her a brand identify that was light, joyful and calm and full of reminiscent elements of childhood. Together we developed the below identity: Kind Words “Everything looks SO WONDERFUL! I am so happy! Hannah’s attention to detail, her enthusiastic attitude about […]

February Color Scheme 2022


I think I have an obsession this year…with color schemes that include mustard. I’m all about it! Whether you pair it with dark desaturated hues like last month, or bold and beautiful hues like this month. I hope you enjoy this color scheme for February! Wanting the colors? Spring RoseHex: #ECBFB4Pantone: 488Benjamin Moore: Blushing Brilliance […]

January Color Scheme 2022


I’ve been loving mustard tones lately, and wanted to create a color scheme that included a nice ochre yellow paired with desaturated blues and grey. A great tip when creating your own color schemes is to try using ONE pop of color, and the rest as supporting shades.

How to add a Showit Website Template to your Account


If you’re reading this, that just might mean you’ve found the perfect site design – from my template shop – for your business and want to upload that website design into your Showit account ASAP. Well, you’re in the right place! (And if that isn’t the case, you’re still welcome here! But maybe check out […]

Christina Fowler of Faery Essence


“What fuels my career is mydesire to play life by my own rulesand walk my own unique path.” Can you give us a small introduction to who you are and what you do? I’m waiting for the day that introducing & describing myself doesn’t feel incredibly difficult…but until then, I will keep trying my best! […]

Top 3 practices essential for creatives


As a creative entrepreneur it’s important to remain inspired, to keep our juices flowing and hands crafting. Easier said than done, am I right? There are so many things that can hinder us from our full potential, leaving us uninspired and empty handed. So I’ve been taking mental notes as I worked through my week […]