Hannah Hanline Photography

January 3, 2020

When Hannah of Hannah Hanline Photography reached out to me, I was first excited to meet a fellow Hannah, and second excited to be working with someone who was ready to ignite their online presence. There had been a lull in her photographer career, and she decided to come back full spring. Motivated and full of passion for her relaunch.

Our goal? To create something she could be proud of. As she said herself, “if someone came to me and asked if they could have my business card and my instant reaction is, ‘Why yes sir, you CAN have my business card because they are freaking fantastic and beautiful and badass.’ That’d be a win to me and that’s how I’d measure success for this project.”

Hannah’s brand keywords were: Luxury, Sophisticated, Elegant, Refined, Classy, Graceful
Design request: To play on the HH in her name

Wow. There’s so much I’d like to say about Hannah and the Oaklyn team!
From the start, Hannah and I clicked. Maybe it’s because we have the same name or that we both are in love with our pups; either way, there was instant comfort.
At a place where I felt unsure of where to even begin when it came to my brand, Hannah was there to help navigate. She helped hone in on what I wanted my brand to look like not only aesthetically but philosophically. She asked the right questions to get down to the roots and, from there, helped build a beautifully designed brand. She was patient in my indecisiveness and encouraged feedback.
So incredibly happy with how it turned out! Can’t say thank you enough to Oaklyn!



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