Do you need a LOGO or a BRAND

June 3, 2019

It’s important to know where your business stands when it comes to branding. A lot of business owners come to us wondering if they need a logo or a brand. They are not one in the same, although they do overlap. In this post we are going to be discussing the difference and how you can decide what route is best for you.

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You Need A Brand If …

Often times the definition of branding is whittled down to a logo, color scheme, and pretty designs. While these items do take part, they are not the sole purpose. Branding digs much deeper than visuals. It helps you to create and define your mission statement, your business purpose, ideal audience, niche, voice, and visual identity.

If you are new to the business game, it’s a no-brainer that you will need a brand. You will need to partake in “branding” and define the items I mentioned above. Specifically your purpose, what makes you different from your competitors, and who you are speaking to (your niche). If you don’t define these things early on it will be easy to feel overwhelmed and ineffective in your advertising and marketing.

You Need A Logo If ….

If you have been around for awhile and already know who you are, who you are targeting, and how to do so, a large portion of your branding is already done. Trends come and go, and if you have fallen victim to them when you started your business it could be time to update your identity. Logo design is a part of branding, but it doesn’t exist without it. It’s still important for us to know all the important elements of your brand before we design a logo.

We are advocates for simplistic and timeless designs. Designing logos that will remain a fan favorite for years to come is our goal. You want a logo that doesn’t change every year, because the purpose of your identity is to create recognition amongst your viewers.

If you are still trying to decide what route to take, we offer 15 min free consults where we discuss your business and our services. If you would like a bigger game plan, we offer hourly consult services where we outline the questions you need to answer and how to move forward.

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