Alyson Berg Photography

October 15, 2019

I had the pleasure of working with Alyson from Alyson Berg Photography to create a unique brand and website. After looking at her cheerful, beautifully lit photographs, I knew she needed a brand that would compliment them while showcasing her expertise.


Together we found imagery from Pinterest, as well as her own photography, to showcase where she wants to take her business visually. I then formatted these images into a mood board.

Color Scheme

When it comes to creating color schemes for photographers, their images play a big role. Most photographers use specific presets or tend to shoot in similar locations, bringing to light a repetition in coloring. So alongside using the mood board, I use my client’s photography as well to come up with a palette that compliments their imagery.

Identity Design

Alyson captures families from pregnancy, to birth, to years later. So with her identity I wanted to evoke just that, the cycle of life starting from a budding newborn to a young adult. I used flowers within circle to showcase the beauty that is children and their growth.

Collateral Design

We created a variety of collateral items for her business. Starting with business cards and progressing to a gift voucher, pricing guide, and print rights form.

Website Design

Once we finished her branding we took the new elements and implemented them into a new website design. Her site was built on Showit, allowing for a larger range of design possibilities and easy updates. You can view her live site here:


I love working with photographers! Especially when they have such gorgeous photography. Using their beautiful images to create compelling websites and crafting unique brands to match their esthetic, is a fun and rewarding challenge.




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