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March 5, 2020

Typography has its own important part in your brand. Fonts give off different expressions very much like colors (which we covered in the previous lesson). 

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I honestly feel that people’s attraction towards fonts have been increasing thanks to the designers out there creating such beautiful typography and selling it on sites like Creative Market.

However, the negative to that prior statement may be that we try to experiment a bit much or select a font that we like, but won’t work well in a branded setting.

Typography Needed for Your Brand

So first, what kind of uses with typography have outside of a logo?

ccent font

I’ve pulled up some previous client work to give examples of typography examples.

Types of Fonts

So after seeing what you need to work to create, let’s first discuss the types of fonts and how to feel them out for your brand.


The best place to search for inspiration is on Pinterest. Take note of the designs you’re attracted to and what fonts they are using.

Then search for fonts on reputable sites. A few of my favorites are Creative Market, Google Fonts and Font Squirrel. 



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