Branding for Catherine Cartie Calligraphy

June 17, 2019

It’s so fun working with fellow creatives, and calligraphers are no exception. Catherine came to me wanting a brand for her new venture. She had always dabbled in calligraphy and water colors but it was time for her hobby to become her career. After discussing her personal style, tastes and going through the process of grasping clarity for her brand we created the following brand.


Together we collected a wide range of inspiration to help guide us on the visual direction we wanted to go with her business brand. I noticed a repeating element in most of her inspiration, patterns! Specifically floral patterns. So when brainstorming I knew I wanted to incorporate that into her identity.

Color Scheme

Blues were a big part of her personal style. She knew that those should be included and she also had a request for a terra cotta shade. Taking her feedback I added a few more colors and created the color scheme below.

Identity Creation

Custom Patterns

Marketing Collateral

We worked on a variety of collateral including business cards, thank you stationery, and a guided calligraphy booklet. It was so fun to see her branding colors, typography, and design aesthetic come to life in these pieces. For her envelopes we chose a beautiful dark navy with silver foil for her icon.



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