Branding for Mission Beach Towels

December 13, 2017

A truly fun and moving project, Mission Beach Towels needed a brand for their new business venture – large beach towels artistically designed by supporting artists to raise money for their charity of choice. Good vibes all around.


We started with inspiration which (obviously) focused on fun times at the beach. Sea foam waves, sandy skin and salty hair. Not to mention beach towels and beach babes.

Color Scheme

The color scheme was bright and cheerful, just like its inspiration. White was the primary color used along with soft shades representing the ocean and sand.

Identity Design

When it came to the logo, the client was adamant about including ‘waves’ in some form or fashion. So that’s exactly what I did! After drawing and redrawing the movement of the word ‘mission’ I finally came up with a form that felt like the tides rolling in towards the shore.


This project was by far one of my favorites. The meaning behind the logos and the mission behind the business, not to mention a fantastic client, made it an enjoyable experience.

I hope you enjoyed seeing it as much as I enjoyed creating it!




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