Branding for Rachel Madden Interiors

March 13, 2018

I had the pleasure of working with Rachel of Rachel Madden Interiors to create a professional and unique brand to match her interior design work. Something clean, bright, professional, and incorporating her initials. All of which to help enhance her portfolio and attract ideal clients.


The first part of the project is looking through the inspiration my client’s have gathered, picking the ones that seems to fit the brand evaluation my clients fill out as well as adding in some of my own. Most of the references come from Pinterest as well as actual work. For Rachel Madden, texture played a big part alongside plenty of white space.

Color Scheme

Her own work, as well as personal design taste, played a big part in the color scheme we chose. Muted hues were definitely more to taste with neutrals playing a big role. We also close a few accent colors including a rose gold that would be replaced with a matte blush when needed.

Identity Design

The main puzzle with her identity was making a monogram with her initials. I chose a lowercase option where the “r” pieced into the “m”. I also hid an “i” at the center point where the other two letters met. It was the perfect way to meld everything together, yet seemed clean and not overwhelming.

Collateral Design

We designed a range of marketing collateral pieces starting with business cards then added pricing guides, welcome booklets and contract layouts.


All in all, this was a wonderful project. I very much enjoyed working with Rachel. She was professional, timely, and new what she wanted to try when it came to developing her new brand.

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