Branding for The Creative Chateau

July 22, 2018

A French inspired chateau settled in the heart of Houston – a dream project if I ever did hear one. It was such a wonderful experience working with a previous client again on one of her new projects. Jessica, originally from Adorne Artistry, was opening up her own creative chateau! Not to mention having her own gorgeous space inside for her hair and makeup business.

She wanted a brand that was chic, elegant and dripping with French inspiration. So we created just that.


First things first, we gather inspiration. Mood boards are used to set the mood for your future brand. It helps us see where you want to visually take your business and how you would like it to feel by the time we finalize.

Color Scheme

In this case, we didn’t want to NOT feel antique and french. Thus colorful swatches weren’t making the cut. Instead we focused on soft neutral hues to evoke the elegance we desired.

Identity Design

With a little help from my creative calligrapher friends, we were able to create a clean and dainty identity. It was important that while we wanted whimsical elements, readability was important. So we paired hand calligraphy with a vintage serif font. I also hand illustrated some dainty florals and frames, and paired it with an illustration of the Chateau itself.

Collateral Design

We took her new brand and created her marketing collateral. Future plans involve printing her business cards and notecards with letterpress on handmade paper with a natural texture and torn edge. Chic, elegant, and beautiful.


Overall this was such a fun project! I was able to see the Chateau when she purchased it as well as her plans on how to redo it. THEN to make it even better, I was able to see it completed and even take part in some of the photoshoots there. It’s a magical space enhancing the city that is Houston.




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