Do you need a LOGO or a BRAND


It’s important to know where your business stands when it comes to branding. A lot of business owners come to us wondering if they need a logo or a brand. They are not one in the same, although they do overlap. In this post we are going to be discussing the difference and how you […]

How to stand out as a photographer in a saturated industry


I’m sure you feel me when I say that it seems like everyone and their mom is starting a photography business – literally. Even I at one point had a photography business (guilty as charged!). When you work in a saturated industry like this, it’s very important to stand out as a photographer and most […]

April Color Scheme


Hello April! Every year we try to think of April Fools’ jokes to play, but I’ve got nothing! So instead, here is the color scheme that’s full of pastels and a vivid turquoise! Keep scrolling to grab the color codes. WANTING THE COLOR CODES? Powder Blue: #e4f3fe Turquoise: #96e2e1 Lemon Candy: #fcf7d3 Ballet Slipper: #efd6d3

March Color Scheme


March is already here! So, in celebration of that we’ve created a color scheme full of greens, to represent St. Paddy’s day, and the anticipated arrival of spring. Keep scrolling to grab the color codes. WANTING THE COLOR CODES? Sage: #acb493 Eggshell: #f0e5d3 Sandunia: #dfc0a8 Bamboo: #677462

Great Fonts for Your Brand


I’m going to share with you some GREAT font choices for your brand, while also sharing where you can find them.The interwebs is FULL of countless fonts. This can be seen as a great thing, but it can also be a bit overwhelming. So here are some of my favorite fonts! Plus, I’ve created a […]

How to Use Your Logo File Types


Whenever you’re finishing up your branding project you’ll be receiving an array of file types. What are those type of files you should get your logos in and how do you use them?

February Color Scheme


It’s the month of love, and also my (Hannah) birthday! We wanted to create a color scheme that was as lovely and flirtatious as February’s holiday, while adding a little bit of class to keep it from looking too young. Keep scrolling to grab the color values. Wanting the color codes? Pale Pink: #f6e4e1 Rouge: […]

January Color Scheme


January has arrived! And with it, brittle winds, snow, crackling wood, and the joys of a new year. We created this color scheme to feel just like that! Welcoming in the new year with soft winter hues. Wanting the color codes? Haze: #d4d2c5 Alabaster: #e8e7e3 Bay Blue: #bdc4ce Charcoal: #625c5a See it in action on […]

How to create the best color scheme for your brand


When you set out to pick the best brand colors for your business, one thing that you will hear me say about EVERYTHING is avoid the trends! Nothing is worse than investing time, energy, and money into something that is going to grow stale. What YOU like VS What everyone else likes There is a […]