You may be wondering why you’d ever need to optimize your photography for your website, or you already know you should but are wondering the best ways to go about it. Then you’re in the right place! Why Optimize The most obvious reasons? You want to optimize to increase your site speed and boost your […]

How to Optimize Your Photography for Your Website

Congratulations to Kristen of La Vie Photography on her new identity and website design! She wanted a logo that had a feminine touch to it, while being minimal, elegant and unique. The meaning behind the sub-mark: The curving swoops of the L and the V depicts the beautiful curves of a momma-to-be. The dots that […]

La Vie Photography Logo & Website

Here is the gist: you need to make sure your site speed is high and your web performance legit. Your future clients are coming to your site because they found you in a web search or on social media. They want to see more of your beautiful photos, meet the photographer, and get educated on […]

Optimizing Your Photography for Better Website Performance

Recently while surfing good ol’ time-stealing Facebook, I saw a post in one of the groups we follow. This post was asking for recommendations for Web Designers. They just couldn’t seem to find a designer that had the style they wanted. They didn’t want to work with someone who “could” design it that way if […]

Finding a Designer That Fits Your Style (is easier than expected)

When starting your photography business, it’s easy to become distracted or overwhelmed by all the many things you need to do. Not only that, we are constantly trying to convince ourselves that we can really do this. It’s scary, right? We understand, and that’s why we want to be honest with you. There is something […]

The most important thing you need for your new photography business