Crossed Keys Estate

January 3, 2020

When Jessica of Crossed Keys Estate came to me, she was tired of the outdated logo that had been passed down along with the business. “We are fun and no bullshit but we run a really elegant and beautiful venue that caters to a laid-back feeling while still delivering on the traditional, pretty, and elegant vision that many of our clients have.”

Color Scheme

For the color scheme we wanted some that was elegant while still feeling laid-back and up to date. Using cream and hunter green as the primary colors, we added pops of color in for the additional shades. Elegance meeting the more rustic color scheme to balance the different types of events and go well with the exterior of the building.

Identity Design

The new identity for Crossed Keys was inspired by classic doorknob faces. The ornamental places surrounding the door knob that would hold the keyhole below. I incorporated florals to evoke a softer feel and tie in to the events taking place at their venue.

Collateral Design

The main need when it came to collateral was for pricing booklets going over the different venues as well as a menu going over the courses they offer and serve.

Brand In Action

“I cannot sing their praises enough. I have done the rebrand process a few times with outside services, and I have done our marketing materials and website design internally for 9 years. Both were a pain point for me that Oaklyn Studio relieved in just a few short weeks. Not only did our rebrand and logo design give our entire business a fresh face, it reignited our team – we feel our brand has a much more professional look, a warm and inviting feel, and an identity that truly matches our team’s spirit and vibe. I was thrilled to find such a competent and skilled designer within our budget. The ease of the process far exceeded my wildest dreams. Hannah understood our entire brand with just a few words from me. It was truly amazing. I am so proud our our new logos and entire brand identity now in a way I never was before. Thank you so much for making our branding dreams come true!”

Jessica | Owner of Crossed Keys



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