December Color Scheme

December 3, 2019

And just like that, it is time for December’s color scheme! This year has flown by, and I absolutely loved the challenge of creating a color scheme for each month. For December I was torn between going towards snowy blues, or vibrant green. But it isn’t Christmas without green & red, so keep scrolling to see this months color scheme choices.


Mint Chocolate
HEX: #90c78e
Pantone: PMS P 142-4 C
Benjamin Moore:  Branch Brook Green / 572

Christmas Ivy
HEX: #446f65
Pantone: PMS 7729 U
Benjamin Moore: Green Monster / SC-12

Candy Cane
HEX: #e86d6f
Pantone: PMS 709
Benjamin Moore: Florida Pink / 1320

HEX: #962326
Pantone: PMS 1807
Benjamin Moore: Caliente / AF-290



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