February Color Scheme 2020

February 3, 2020

Going back through the 2019 monthly color schemes, I noticed that I created way more warm color combinations than cool. So for February I decided to channel a wintery them with cool tones. February has always been one of my favorite months. I’m not quite sure why…maybe it’s the cool weather or the fact my birthday is this month…either way I hope you enjoy this color combination. Also, can we talk about the fact “February” is the weirdest spelling? It’s not wth?


Silver Lake
HEX: #dcddde
Pantone: PMS 538
Benjamin Moore: Gray Cloud / 2126-60

Celestial Blue
HEX: #98b2ae
Pantone: P 126-11 U
Benjamin Moore: Kensington Green / 710

HEX: ##e4aea1
Pantone: Skin Tone 16
Benjamin Moore: Georgia Peach / 031

Outer Space
HEX: #51515a
Pantone: 432
Benjamin Moore: Mysterious / AF-565



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