Finding a Designer That Fits Your Style

July 24, 2019

Recently while surfing good ol’ time-stealing Facebook, I saw a post in one of the groups we follow. This post was asking for recommendations for Web Designers. They just couldn’t seem to find a designer that had the style they wanted. They didn’t want to work with someone who “could” design it that way if needed, but someone who exudes it already.

It sparked a conversation in my head – with myself.

Because what this person was asking for makes sense in a way, but it also doesn’t.

Let me clarify.

Great Designers are Chameleons

Experienced designers are great at adapting their designs to fit their client needs. If we couldn’t, being able to make a living would be difficult since our style would narrow down our niche. So it wouldn’t be fair to try and pool designers with a specific style, because you would lose that larger pool of designers who are skilled at multiple styles.

Designers have Different Strengths

Now after saying this, I will clarify that different designers have different strengths. You can learn this by looking through their portfolio and social media accounts. Some designers are better at creating compelling and bright color scheme designs, while others rock neutrals. Some are great at minimal and white space designs, some great at typography heavy designs. Not to say they can’t do both (or all), but it’s normal to have a favorite.

Branding is important for unique websites

If you have a brand set in place, then there isn’t as much need to worry when you start looking for a web designer. A brand sets the tone for all visual aspects of your business. Color scheme, typography, design aesthetic, and imagery helps guide web designers on how to start building your site. Without a brand in place, you’ll be looking for a lot of examples which could lead to a site that isn’t as unique as it should be, but a Frankenstein monster of many concepts.

Finding the perfect designer is a process

What you need is to be confident in your brand style, and find a designer who can emulate that. You should get on a phone/video call with every designer you are interested in working with. Learn about their process, view their portfolio, and see if you get along with them on a personal level. Since branding is in-depth, and sometimes even a vulnerable process, you need to trust the person who is creating it with you. And since building a website takes a lot of time, you need to get along with the person you’ll be emailing/chatting with for a month or more.

We hope this blog post was helpful! Don’t forget our inbox is always open if you have questions about our services or how we could help you. 🖤



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