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I know your work is precious and your time is limited. I also know that the secret to achieving your goals as a photographer is rooted in professional branding.

But figuring out what branding really is plus designing all the elements isn’t just confusing and overwhelming – it’s exhausting.

imagine if your brand was as unique, personalized, and valuable as the photos you take

Before we can taste the fruit of our labor, we have to till. In other words, break ground and get moving. Start by reaching out! Then we hop on a call (coffee in hand) and chat, vibe, and decide how to move forward. Then it’s all the business stuff, proposals, contracts and down payments. 



We have to sew in the seeds of our thoughts, creativity, wishes and dreams into the branding process. This is done through the exclusive Brand Clarity worksheet (includes a brand consult with muah) as well as through a Pinterest brainstorming board. All of which we can review together for further development.

Then it’s my turn. I’ll start spinning my wheels, and finding ways to craft a unique identity specifically for your business. One that will continue to flourish while representing both you and your ideal couples.



Once we’ve discovered the perfect brand for your business it's time to finally harvest and bask in the afterglow. I’ll prep all the files and deliver them while celebrating your launch with a small gift and USB. 

Brand Clarity
Mood Board
Color Scheme
3 Logo Designs
Typography Selection
Illustrations or Patterns
Brand Style Guide
Business Card Design


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