How to stand out as a photographer in a saturated industry

April 13, 2019

I’m sure you feel me when I say that it seems like everyone and their mom is starting a photography business – literally. Even I at one point had a photography business (guilty as charged!). When you work in a saturated industry like this, it’s very important to stand out as a photographer and most importantly as an individual.

Your photography style, your business ethics, your attitude, the way you serve your clients and more can NOT be replicated. But often times it gets drowned out in all the noise of your competitors.

Don’t worry, we hear you!

In this blog post we will be discussing how you can STAND OUT in this oversaturated profession.

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Debunking the Common Myth

Let’s first discuss a common obstacle: believing you’re not enough where you are right now.
If you DO NOT think that you are the BOMB DOT COM then you’ll most likely have hesitations on investing in your business or maybe even continuing it.

Please Note:

  • No matter how long you’ve been in business, there will always be someone “better” than you.
  • Everyone has to begin somewhere. Adjust your pricing to accurately reflect your level of skill. There will still be tons of people ready to buy.
  • Your individuality cannot be replicated. Flaunt it with pride.

That’s why you need to believe in yourself and trust the growth process. We are speaking from experience here, so these are not empty words. It may be difficult and we also encourage you to find a tribe to connect with to assist.

Now that our tangent has run its course, let’s go back to the main menu.
The main obstacle here is that YOU are awesome and you create beautiful works of art with the photos you take, but your business isn’t standing out.

So how do we combat this? BRANDING.

You might be thinking – not another “branding is important” blog post! But hold on! I’ll be talking specifically how branding can make you SEEN and HEARD by your IDEAL CLIENT.

Let’s divulge…

Branding Isn’t Just Your Visual Presence

A big misconception about branding is thinking that it’s just the pretty stuff you confetti on your business cards or website. While that is a part of it, that’s not all.
Branding is the foundation to your business. It not only helps build your visual identity, but also your marketing efforts and business ethics.
It gives you a sense of clarity that allows you to focus on what’s important for business growth.

Learn to speak directly to your ideal clients

We have a bad habit of speaking to a wider audience than we should. Afraid to niche down, we talk in general terms instead of specific ones.
But I bet you remember reading an Instagram post or blog that resonated with you so much you sat there going, “that’s me!”

Branding helps you define your niche, allowing you to speak directly to your ideal clients to create more of those moments.
When your clients feel that you just get them, they are more willing to reach out and connect.

Show Your Clients You’re Legit

In a saturated market you’ll run into a lot of businesses that feel amateur. Even if your photos are good, if your clients are navigating to a scrapbooked website that is hard to navigate you’re missing out on making money!

Branding applies to all visual outlets, including your website. During a branding process you define your design aesthetic along with your logo, color scheme, typography, and more. These elements will be reflected on your website, one of the main revenue generators.

Now, before you try to argue that Instagram is your main contact source, I’d like to remind you never to put all of your efforts into ONE platform. Do you think Instagram will be around forever? And even if you do, do you think it will be popular forever? What will you do when another social media platform comes and takes all the thunder? Let’s just reflect on poor Myspace (RIP).

Back to the main point, creating a professional brand and website shows clients that you are LEGIT. You are serious about your business, you aren’t just running this out of your garage. Professionalism creates trust, and trust encourages your clients to contact you, increasing your bookings.

Branding done right sets you apart

You are unique, and your branding should be too. To put in simpler terms, your logo is going to be the strongest point of your brand. WHY look like everyone else? WHY pick a template that Suzy, John, and Jill all have? You aren’t going to stand out that way! We assume if you’re reading this, that you want to do just that – set yourself apart from the competition.

Professional brand designers (like us) will take the time to dive into your business and create a design that reflects you and your ideals in a unique way. Personally, I love putting stories into the identity marks we make. Creating something timeless and personal will start to create recognition in your industry.


So what do you do now?

If you read up until here, you’re probably wondering what you do now. Well, simply put it’s time to invest in your branding + website. Don’t be scared! I know it’s nerve wracking to dish out the big bucks for something like this, but as you can see  – branding plays a HUGE role in your business success.

And honestly, the amount of time and headaches you’ll save by putting this into the hands of a professional is SO worth it. You’ll make your investment back in no time!

We encourage you to research multiple designers and find someone who fits these main points:

  • They have a design style you like
  • They have a personality you get along with
  • They are trustworthy and have testimonials to back it up

Branding is personal. You’ll be diving deep, so it’s important you trust the designer you are working with.

Saying this, we would be honored if you considered us! If you want to learn more, be sure to check out our services page. If you have already, reach out. Let’s hop on a video call and get to know one another and make sure we are the perfect fit for what you need.




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