Importance of Brand Photography

June 27, 2018

The creation of your brand does not start or stop at a logo design. If you’ve been going through the process of (re)branding your business, you’ve probably already learned that there are many other aspects to it. Not only are the logos important, but the color scheme you pick speaks of emotion and implies feelings upon your users, your fonts can also give off an impression so they should be chosen accordingly. You also will have elements, icons, patterns and more branded with your business. Logos will be crafted to reflect your trade and passion, and a website will also be built to reflect it all and guide viewers through your process.

Even with all these things i just listed, it doesn’t stop there. Let’s talk Brand Photography.


Brand Photography is taking what you discovered in your branding process and reflecting it into the photos of your products or services.

If you are a florist, it will most likely include photographs of you arranging, working, and also photographs of your beautiful flowers out in the world or in your own studio.

If you are a Photographer, Brand Photography becomes more about you. Obviously your photography is the main component of your Brand Photography, but don’t forget about YOU. Pictures of yourself shooting, or even just posed are an essential part.

A more obvious representation would be if you sell products. Maybe you are a jewelry maker. Your Brand Photography would be creating an emotional attachment to the gorgeous jewelry you make through styled and well lit settings.


Your Brand Photography style should evolve from the brand adjectives you discovered during the initial discovery phase. Some examples of these might be: romantic, ethereal, expensive (or) boho, organic, approachable.

Use these adjectives to brainstorm and research your photography style. Should all things be very crystal clear in your photos? Should you have a very soft blur to most of the objects around the main attraction? The coloring of your photos is another important piece of the puzzle. Soft pinks, or stark oranges, neutrals and so forth, can cause an emotional response from your viewers.

Go out and collect examples of photos that would go well with your style. Make a moodboard digitally or in the real world. Keep them there for a source of inspiration and a reminder.


There is nothing worse than seeing a beautiful logo on amateur (or plain ugly) photography. Every piece of your brand matters, as I mentioned above. The photography that you pair with your brand needs to compliment and elevate it even more.

If you are going to invest in a new brand, you need to invest in good photography too.

Whether your consumers see the photo first, or the logo, both should reflect and represent the other perfectly. It creates cohesion which is an essential part of a professional & memorable brand.

Good Photography further compels users to research or buy. Amateur photography can deter or distract the audience from looking into your business any further.


Now that we’ve discussed how important photography is for your brand and business, it might be in your best interest to find a photographer that can do the job. Whenever you are looking for a Photographer you need to make sure they have a similar style, or can mimic the style you need easily.

Tuesday’s Together through The Rising Tide Society, as well as their online community through HoneyBooks, is an amazing place to start.

Have a budget in mind, but be open to people’s pricing. It’s easy to get wound up in the numbers and not realize the beautiful ART that will be the outcome. These types of things take talent, a creative eye, and years of practice. Amazing photography doesn’t come cheap.

Don’t be discouraged, everyone is at a different stage in their business and if you stay open minded and honest about what your needs are I’m sure you’ll find someone who will be able to assist you.


A great place to get examples of good (and bad) brand photography is on Instagram. Go look up some of your favorite brands/businesses and pay attention to the overall aesthetic of their photography. You should be able to think of a few adjectives that describe it, and if they did a good job those adjectives would by synonymous with their brand.

Oaklyn Studio, branding and web design for artisans and creatives

Tono & Co : Adjectives that I think of when looking at their feed are luxury, handmade, romantic, soft.

Oaklyn Studio, branding and web design for artisans and creatives

White Flag : Adjectives I think of are hand-made, honest, simplistic, homey.

Oaklyn Studio, branding and web design for artisans and creatives

Cuyana : Adjectives I think of are quality, expensive, high-fashion, celebrity style.

Oaklyn Studio, branding and web design for artisans and creatives

Anthropologie: Adjectives I think of are bohemian, earthy, organic, natural, unique.

Examples always help! So now that you understand the importance and process of Brand Photography, it’s time for you to focus on your own. Head out to Pinterest or some of your favorite brands and collect photos that inspire you for your own business. Create a mood board and take note of the things in each photo that you like. Is it the metallic details? Is it the wind swept hair or movement? Is it the way they focus on the subject? Write all these notes down and pin them next to your pictures. Use this as your source as you photograph your own work, or work with a photographer.

And don’t forget, we are always here to help! We offer Product Photographer where we create the perfect setting in our studio that compliments your brand, and photograph your products in a meaningful and beautiful way, editing them and delivering them digitally to you after. If you don’t need photos of products, we can help you find and select the perfect curated collection of stock images.

Any questions? Feel free to leave them below or email us.



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