January Color Scheme 2022

January 4, 2022

That’s right, the color schemes are back! I took a break last year from making these color combos because, to be honest, Pinterest theft pissed me off. So many accounts took my images, cropped out my credit, and used their popularity to promote their own websites. Le sigh. Such is “the internet”.

However, I had a couple of people reach out to me on my Instagram account to tell me how much they loved the color schemes and ask if I planned to keep creating them. So because of YOU, these babies are back. 😉

I’ve been loving mustard tones lately, and wanted to create a color scheme that included a nice ochre yellow paired with desaturated blues and grey. A great tip when creating your own color schemes is to try using ONE pop of color, and the rest as supporting shades.


Yellow Ochre
Hex: #BE9752
Pantone: P 18-13 C
Benjamin Moore: Toasted Almond / 1098

Wool Grey
Hex: #8C8B90
Pantone: 7544
Benjamin Moore: Shaker Gray / 1594

Wine Barrel
Hex: #754E45
Pantone: 7518
Benjamin Moore: Peatmoss / 2103-30

Hex: #384048
Pantone: 432
Benjamin Moore: Polo Blue / 2062-10



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