January Color Scheme

January 5, 2019

January has arrived! And with it, brittle winds, snow, crackling wood, and the joys of a new year. We created this color scheme to feel just like that! Welcoming in the new year with soft winter hues.

Wanting the color codes?

Haze: #d4d2c5
Alabaster: #e8e7e3
Bay Blue: #bdc4ce
Charcoal: #625c5a

See it in action on the Logo Shop!



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  1. Nazia says:

    Hi would you be able to tell me who stocks the Bay Blue paint please. In the January colour scheme.



  2. Mary C says:

    Hello I’m curious about the colors Haze and Alabaster? Thank you! Just love them…thinking exterior.

    • Hannah Robinson says:

      For Haze: An exact match is Oyster White by GM / General Motors. A very close match is Filmy Green – 6190 by Sherwin-Williams.

      For Alabaster: An exact match is Quiet Dissent by Dulux.

  3. M. says:

    Hello…if I went to a paint store and gave them the color codes listed would that be enough for them to replicate the color? I’m particularly interested in Charcoal

    • Hannah Robinson says:

      Actually I’m not sure if they can look up HEX codes but you can try? I’ll throw some similar paint shades below for reference:

      Valspar – Blackstrap
      Olympic – Knight’s Armor
      Benjamin Moore – Iron Mountain

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