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Summer Beach Illustration


The winter season has finally come to a close, and spring has warmed up to temperatures that encourage bathing suits and water activities. In celebration of this I’ve illustrated some sun-bathing babes to grace your phone screen. And the best part, it’s completely free. No catches, no email entries, just hold /right click on the […]

July Color Scheme 2020


For the month of July I love making vibrant color schemes. Last year I went with a classic red and blue, and for this year I decided to go more peachy and orange with shades of blue. Orange and blue are complimentary colors on the color wheel, so naturally they pair well together. Scroll below […]

June Color Scheme 2020


Inspired by Moab UT and the desert colors of summer, along with my favorite shades. I’ve been thinking of adding color to my living room, and this was what that turned into. My preference of colors are still practically neutrals. WANTING THE COLORS? AdobeHex: #d2a480Pantone: 4665Benjamin Moore: Casabella / 102 CopperHex: #b16942Pantone: Skin Tone 13Benjamin […]

May Color Scheme 2020


The people have spoken! On instagram I asked what colors you wanted to see this month and Lavender + Chartreuse were two that stuck out. Especially since I haven’t used them yet! So without further ado… WANTING THE COLORS? Pearl White Hex: #e8e5dd Pantone: Pastel 9100 Benjamin Moore: White Dove Lavender Hex: #aaa1b9 Pantone: 5295 […]

Prayer for Peace


In today’s world, it’s all about “self”. Self-righteousness, selfish ambitions, self-centeredness, self-proclamation. Our world is crumbling because of self-centered, prideful people…

April Color Scheme 2020


April….April…. a month often associated with Easter, Bunnies, Eggs, Chickens, and Spring. So here is a mix of all the above, centered on nature. I brought in some bold colors this month since I tend to stay neutral. ^_^ WANTING THE COLORS? Cotton Flower Hex: #e8e3df Pantone: Pastel 9041 Benjamin Moore: A La Mode Fresh […]

Branded & Booked – Typography


Typography has its own important part in your brand. Fonts give off different expressions very much like colors (which we covered in the previous lesson).  ^ Click for the IG TV Video I honestly feel that people’s attraction towards fonts have been increasing thanks to the designers out there creating such beautiful typography and selling […]

March Color Scheme 2020


March always makes me think GREEN. And for this color scheme I decided to create a monochromatic one. Monochromatic color schemes are ones that pull from the same vertical area on a color scheme. With green, I pulled the lighter and darker values around that area to come up with what you see below. I […]

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