July Color Scheme

July 2, 2019

Here in the states July is best known for Independence Day. So our color scheme this month is paying dues to the red, white and blue! Of course, not your basic shades but some more fun and appealing combinations.

Want to turn this color scheme into something not quite so colorful? Replace one of the 3 bold shades with a light hue of the remaining two. For example, take away the yellow and replace it with a pale pink to support the coral and not combat it. Or replace it with a pale blue to have it do the same for the peacock. You can apply this to any color scheme! โœŒ๏ธ


Sunshine: #f5cd7e
Coral: #eb6b67
Silver: #e1dcdc
Peacock: #6b9ba5



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  1. Lindsay says:

    Hi! I’m Lindsay
    I was inspired by your color combination.
    I want to ask you the commercial rights I use these color combinations to design my products.
    Thank you!

    • Hannah Robinson says:

      These color schemes were created for inspiration and use, so Iโ€™m very happy to see it has inspired you with your products! I donโ€™t claim any rights. I hope you share the finished products so others can see how they can translate from online to real life. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Daia says:

    What’s the color code of pale pink?

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