June Color Scheme 2022

June 1, 2022

It seems the year is flying fast! I have some bright and bold color schemes planned for the following summer months, but for this month I ended up going for something more muted and calming. I love mixing shades of reds/pinks with neutrals like beige or grey. I also realized that the grey in this color scheme could be swapped with a more blue toned version and blend wonderfully. Thanks for reading!

Wanting the colors?

Pantone: 10450 C
Benjamin Moore:  Silver Dollar / 1460

Wood Rose
Hex: #AD938C
Pantone: 10154 C
Benjamin Moore:  Whispering Woods / 1012

Hex: #985C57
Pantone: 17-1525 TCX
Benjamin Moore: Southwest Pottery / 048

Hex: #702B29
Pantone:  491
Benjamin Moore: Cottage Red / HC-184



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