June Color Scheme 2023

June 1, 2023

For Junes color scheme I wanted to stretch myself to incorporate more purple. To be honest, purple is one of my least favorite colors…at least when it comes to paint swatches. In nature, I adore it – especially lavender. After noticing my color schemes tended to stay warmer and away from blue and purple, I decided to do the opposite for this months color scheme. I hope you enjoy!

Wanting the colors?

Hex: #A384A7
Pantone: 2079 CP
Benjamin Moore: Carolina Plum / 1384

Berry Dark
Hex: #684B61
Pantone: 20-0122 TPM / Lucious Grape
Benjamin Moore: Eggplant / 1379

Pale Orchid
Hex: #8289A6
Pantone: 652
Benjamin Moore: Queen’s Wreath / 1426

Rose Water
Hex: #E0817f
Pantone: 16-1518 TCX
Benjamin Moore: All-a-blaze / 1304



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