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August 23, 2019

Congratulations to Kristen of La Vie Photography on her new identity and website design! She wanted a logo that had a feminine touch to it, while being minimal, elegant and unique.

The meaning behind the sub-mark: The curving swoops of the L and the V depicts the beautiful curves of a momma-to-be. The dots that go from itty bitty, then slowly grow represents the pregnancy stage and the baby growing in its mother’s womb.

My experience working with Oaklyn Studio was beyond what I had imagined! Hannah was able to read in between the lines during our conversations and figure out what was most important in my business then translate that into the most elegant visual representation in my custom logo. I was amazed at how spot on she was and how easy the entire process was… all without ever meeting in person. Her and her husband Nolan sure do make and amazing team, because he was able to design a website that was equally impressive and very unique to my style. I don’t regret a single thing about my decision to hire Oaklyn as they were able to give my business the facelift it needed that I was unequipped to create on my own. Thank you so much for an amazing experience!



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