New brand. Now what?

June 26, 2019

It is a pretty great feeling having a new brand for your business that finally encompasses the vision and direction you want to take it. It’s beautiful, professional, and unique to you and your mission. It attracts your dream clients, and now you can speak directly to them with confidence.

But, now what?

Phasing Out Old Collateral

Now that you have a new brand you should also have new marketing collateral to go with it. Marketing collateral is a broad term used to describe anything that your client sees associated with your business. It could be business cards, pricing catalogs, thank you cards, or even digital banners for social media. The list goes on!

It’s time to start phasing out your old branding materials and replacing them with new ones.

Print your new business cards and other printed materials and toss out the old so they don’t get mixed up. You want your clients to start recognizing your new brand and associating it with your business.

A good exercise is to sit down and write out everything that your clients come into contact with that represents your business. We’ve also created this checklist to help you identify collateral you may need to update with your new branding. Download the Collateral Checklist Here!

Update Your Website

Your website should also represent your new brand and reflect its aesthetic. You’ll need to go in and update your fonts, colors, and logos at a minimum. If you have the budget, we would recommend having a redesign so that it feels cohesive with your other branding elements.

The more cohesive and personalized your online presence is, the more it becomes memorable and evokes a sense of professionalism.

Apply What You’ve Learned

During the branding process you should have answered questions about who your target audience is. Take what you’ve learned and apply it to your everyday marketing. Speak directly to that client when you post to Instagram and other social media outlets, and keep them in mind as you grow your business. Your visuals have been curated for them, so apply that to how you speak and market towards them.

Prepare for Growth

With a new brand in place you can now allow yourself to stop worrying about the way your business looks, and put more time into your trade. Take this extra time to grow in your skillset, target your audience, and grow.



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