November Color Scheme 2020

November 18, 2020

I’m coming to the end of my second year doing these color schemes, and fitting them to the mood of the month is now far harder than before. So although this color scheme doesn’t fit November per-say, I hope you still enjoy the combination. It can be soft and romantic, or earthy and warm depending on how you use it.


Hex: #e8c6ba
Pantone: P 55-9 C
Benjamin Moore: Sweet Romance / 1192

Spiced Wine
Hex: #70463a
Pantone: 7603 CP
Benjamin Moore: Reid Brown

Iris Mauve
Hex: #af9692
Pantone: 16-1707 TCX
Benjamin Moore: Sandblast

Hex: #e2d5c2
Pantone: White Swan
Benjamin Moore: Golden Beige

See it in action on the Logo Shop!



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