October Color Scheme 2022

October 1, 2022

This color scheme is probably hands-down one of my favorites I’ve created this year. The top three colors pair harmoniously together. And if it’s not quite bold enough for you, adding a pop of gold will do the trick.

Wanting the colors?

Banana Cream
Hex: #DFD9B5
Pantone: 614
Benjamin Moore:  Muslin / 1037

Olive Grove
Hex: #8E8344
Pantone: 7768 CP
Benjamin Moore:  Oregano / 2147-10

Hex: #363612
Pantone: B5747 C
Benjamin Moore: Essex Green

Mustard Seed
Hex: #E5A015
Pantone:  137 CP
Benjamin Moore: Yellow Marigold / 2155-30



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