October Color Scheme

October 2, 2019

Everyone always thinks of orange when October comes around. But to me, it’s all about those eerie shades of purple and green. Maybe my love for Scooby-doo as a child assisted in this color selection. Either way, enjoy this new month!


Haunted Forest
HEX: #315350
Pantone: 2466 C
Benjamin Moore: Hidden Falls

Mystic Purple
HEX: #52304b
Pantone: 19-3323 TCX
Benjamin Moore: Peerage

Grey Ghost
HEX: #9b9f91
Pantone: 5635
Benjamin Moore: Oil Cloth

HEX: #38212a
Pantone: 7449
Benjamin Moore: Velvet Cloak

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  1. Meryem says:


    How do you make these color pallets? Is there a program or application for?

    Thank you

    • Hannah Robinson says:

      Hi Meryem! These color schemes are created by me, just by using color theories and photo references of nature. The actual graphic was made by me in Photoshop.
      If you are looking for ways to create your own colorscheme, I would recommend

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