Optimizing Your Photography for Better Website Performance

July 29, 2019

Here is the gist: you need to make sure your site speed is high and your web performance legit.

Your future clients are coming to your site because they found you in a web search or on social media. They want to see more of your beautiful photos, meet the photographer, and get educated on your offerings.

When they arrive on your website the photos need to load quickly right along with the design. Because with the rise in technology and internet speed, we (millenials and x-gen) are extremely impatient.

Resize your images

Step one is taking your pictures into Ps and resizing them. We make banners about 1600px-1200px wide, and generic smaller images around 800px by 600-400px. We refrain from making them too small, and follow up with compression to reduce the file size resulting in faster load time.

If you want to get technical, knowing the container size of your site design will help you decide on your photograph dimensions.

Compress your images

A fan favorite is Tiny PNG which is a browser compression service. They also have a WordPress (WP) plugin you can install.
WP Smush Pro is another option along with WP Imsanity. Both of which are specifically for WordPress.

Rename Your Images

While this isn’t about site speed, it is about site performance since correctly named images can increase results in search engines.
Include your location, type of photography, and business name in your photo naming.
Example: Colorado-Wedding-Photography-BizName.jpg

… and so forth.

This is something that we do for every one of our clients. Because making you look like a pro (not only behind the camera) but on the web too is our goal.



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