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Launch Guide

Learn how to plan out your website pages, get tips for copywriting, and guidance on how to gather imagery. All to make launching your new website easier and sans stress.


Page Planning Checklist

This checklist will help you prepare your content and verbiage for your current or future website. It lists a wide range of page options while outlining possible sections within each page.


4 Key Parts of an Irresistible Brand

The difference between invisibility and irresistibility? Yup – it’s branding. That’s why we have pulled together this guide explaining what it takes to create a brand that is irresistible.


Collateral Checklist

It is a pretty great feeling having a new brand for your business that finally encompasses the vision and direction you want to take it. So now it’s time to start phasing out your old branding materials and replacing them with new ones.


Helpful Showit Docs

The Showit team has a wonderful collection of help docs on their website. It’s a great place to get started and learn more about Showit in easy to digest, helpful posts. I’ve linked a few below to get you started.

getting started with showit

SEO Checklist for Moving to Showit Platform

SEO Basics for Showit

From the Blog

I’m slowly creating an arsenal of weapons on my blog to help you succeed in your business. Here are a few you shouldn’t miss, and be sure to check back regularly!

Installing Your Showit Template

Optimizing your images for your website

Copywriting Q&A

Tips for Picking Colors

Great Fonts for Your Brand

Getting Started Customizing Your Template