This is about you–

your spirt. your growth. your success.

Our mission is not to make pretty things, but to make things with purpose and passion that end up being pretty. If you want just a generic text logo, then we won’t be the best fit.

Our designs are heavily inspired by YOUR story. The meaning behind your business name and the passion behind what you do fuels our creativity.

don't just take our word for it:

Imagine if your brand was as unique, personalized, and valuable as the services you provide

"They infuse their talent and passion into their designs, and you are left with the most personal branding experience."

"She took my story and interpreted it in a way I could never have pictured, in the most beautiful way."

"At a place where I felt unsure of where to even begin when it came to my brand, Hannah helped hone in not only aesthetically but philosophically."

"For years I couldn’t figure out the “me” in my business. Now I understand who I am through design - my likes and dislikes - and how to put it into words!"

"Hannah takes my ideas and turns them into something far better than I could have ever dreamed of."

"Not only did our rebrand give our entire business a fresh face, it reignited our team."

The Process

We are deep divers. With branding there’s meaning in depth and we believe that even the simplest of designs deserve the utmost thought and care. Which is why we pride ourselves on an approach that is collaborative, personalized and rooted in depth and purpose.
Refined and fine-tuned over many years, our process offers a seamless, nurturing experience that allows your brand’s essence and story to shine through. Sans stress, because you deserve to enjoy the journey as much as the results.
Curious how your collaboration with us would look and feel? Here’s how it works.

virtual coffee date

Let’s connect and indulge our mild caffeine addiction while you share your story, vision and dreams. We’re great listeners and we value honest conversations. Which is why, by the end of our chat, you’ll know whether we’re the right branding studio for you. 

project preparation

If you’ve chosen us as your branding partner (yay!) we’ll begin preparing for our project together. This will look like a 25% deposit, contract, then a comprehensive brand questionnaire, identity brainstorming forms and Pinterest board.

bringing your brand to life

Now the fun begins! Once your project start date commences, we’ll get to work designing and building your new brand. Our process is designed to be collaborative but calm, eliminating any stress or confusion while guiding you on the path to your unique brand identity and story. 

Launch and confetti!

We launch your website, deliver your branding and files, and toss some confetti!
Now it’s your time for you to shine and boldly go forth with confidence!

I know your work is precious and your time is limited. I also know that the secret to achieving your goals as a creative is rooted in professional branding.

But figuring out what branding really is plus designing all the elements isn’t just confusing and overwhelming – it’s exhausting.

what you'll walk away with:

Brand Clarity, Mood Board, Color Scheme,  3 Logo Designs, Typography Selection,  Illustrations or Patterns, Brand Style Guide, Collateral Design


Look no further.

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