You may be wondering why you’d ever need to optimize your photography for your website, or you already know you should but are wondering the best ways to go about it. Then you’re in the right place! Why Optimize The most obvious reasons? You want to optimize to increase your site speed and boost your […]

How to Optimize Your Photography for Your Website

It’s the thrill of a new venture. The excitement of finally taking that bold step. That new book smell – if you will. Starting your own business is in fact a very exciting and thrilling task. So much so that it’s easy to lose focus on what steps we need to take or what foundations […]

What you MUST do before branding your photography business

When Hannah of Hannah Hanline Photography reached out to me, I was first excited to meet a fellow Hannah, and second excited to be working with someone who was ready to ignite their online presence. There had been a lull in her photographer career, and she decided to come back full spring. Motivated and full […]

Brand for Hannah Hanline Photography

Amanda came to us saying she was ready to step it up a notch with her business. She was in the process of finding a clearer direction on how she shot and how she wanted her images to look with the goal of targeting her ideal clients. But, she needed a brand that would continue […]

Rainflower Photography

When starting your photography business, it’s easy to become distracted or overwhelmed by all the many things you need to do. Not only that, we are constantly trying to convince ourselves that we can really do this. It’s scary, right? We understand, and that’s why we want to be honest with you. There is something […]

The most important thing you need for your new photography business

I’m sure you feel me when I say that it seems like everyone and their mom is starting a photography business – literally. Even I at one point had a photography business (guilty as charged!). When you work in a saturated industry like this, it’s very important to stand out as a photographer and most […]

How to stand out as a photographer in a saturated industry