Whittington Bridal’s Story

October 18, 2022

Whittington Bridal Salon interview

Can you give us a small introduction to who you are and what you do?

Kari & Jenna Whittington – Bridal Shop Owners and Sisters in Law

What does your professional history look like?

We were both teachers for several years and then took a leap of faith to open our own business together to bring something special to our area that was lacking.

How did you get started doing what you do now?

Blood, sweat, and tears! A lot of learning on the go and seeing (most) every opportunity as an opportunity to learn and grow. Relying on God to provide us with who and what we need, when we need it.

Was there something in your childhood/growing-up that helped to guide you to your current path?

Kari was always enamored with the wedding industry and marriage.

What’s the fuel behind your career?

Making an impact in our brides’ lives, our employees’, and ultimately our families.

Whittington Bridal Salon interview

What’s the big goal? What do you hope to achieve through your career?

A well rounded and self sufficient staff with a turn key business, that makes an impact on anyone who steps through our doors (front or back).

What is something you always include in your finished products/services? Physically or emotionally.

The brides’ best interest and happiness.

Was there ever a time when you wanted to give up? Or maybe a tough obstacle you overcame in your career?

There was a time we went through a slanderous TikTok video and an attempt to cancel us. It was a very dramatic and frustrating time, we had to reach out to a PR firm and they helped us navigate and bury our heads until it passed over–which we came out stronger and even more successful in the end.

What are your favorite things to do to boost your creativity/motivation?

Get out of the office and walk around. Brainstorm with the whole team. Scroll through pinterest.

What’s a day in your life like? What’s the daily routine?

Meetings with each other, our staff, walking the floor to look for needs for improvements. Jenna does a lot of the day to day back end personal/financial side, and Kari does more high level projections and overseeing of the success and growth of the store and staff.

Are their places and people that help shape your business and you as a person?

Each other. And our ride or day management team. We constantly reality check each other, and inspire, excite, and pick one another up. Some of us have been together going on 10 years now and have absolutely built this business together, arm in arm… shoulder to shoulder.

Whittington Bridal Salon interview

What are some books you’d recommend to the readers?

Scale or Fail, Raving Fans

Who are some inspiring people you follow?

John Maxwell

Do you have any big goals that you’re currently chasing after?

Creating an unforgettable and must-visit-instagram-worthy store that just oozes in dreaminess.

Any encouragement for a reader who may be at the beginning of their journey and growing discouraged?

Look at every moment as an opportunity to learn and improve. Choose from the beginning whether you are going to be a door mat or stand your ground.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

When making business decisions, ask yourself if you are deciding from a position of fear/failure, or of prosperity and success; sometimes the best thing to do is to follow your gut.


Bridal Shop Owners & Sister-in-laws of Whittington Bridal

We met at Texas A&M University while dating brothers and soon became sisters- in-law. Fast forward growing our families, expanding the store, and building the dream team, our purpose has never changed: Serve brides, have fun, create an experience, and make a difference.

A huge shout out to both Kari and Jenna for taking part in this interview. They are such a huge inspiration when it comes to opening a business, following their passions, and never losing sight of the bigger picture. You can find Whittington Bridal on Instagram & Tiktok.


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