Funky Color Combos I’m Loving

March 12, 2021

Color is truly a wonderful thing! They are even directly related to your feelings and impressions, so using them correctly is very important when it comes to branding.

So I’ll be going over some of my favorite fun-ky color combinations right now and show how to use them in design.

Blush + Mustard

This is a trendy combo right now and I LOVE it. I’m already a sucker for mustard yellow, but then add a soft pink hue to balance and it’s simply delectable. These two shades are located on the warm side of the color wheel separated by red. And in a way are analogous shades.

An example of this scheme in use:

Citronella + Hunter Green

These two colors are located near each other on the color wheel, making them an analogous scheme. The light yellowish green paired with the deep hunter green is a wonderful combination. It has contrast yet because it is within the same ‘green’ family in a way, it isn’t too bold of a pairing.

An example of this scheme in use:

Winter Green + Sea Foam

This color combo takes me to a wintery Ireland coastline! Both shades of green are overcast in a blue tint and are monochromatic (basically lighter or darker versions of the same shade). It’s a beautiful pairing that complement one another perfectly. You can never go wrong with monochromatic color schemes.

An example of this scheme in use:

Clay + Red

You can never go wrong using a more saturated color on top of its desaturated counterpart. This is an example of just that! A washed out warm red, aka clay red with a bright red alongside it. You can apply this method to any two colors. Even the previous combo above is an example of that.

An example of this scheme in use:

Terra Cotta + Salmon

These two shades are located next to one another on the color wheel, give or take some saturation. A warm pink paired with a brownish orange. It is chic yet earthy. The image of salmon pink flowers sprouting from a terra cotta pot is a wonderful one, isn’t it?.

An example of this scheme in use:

Olive + Pink

Olive green, in history is associated with army uniforms, while pale pink is associated with girls. And now? Well it’s a chic and classic color combo that transcends gender and is often used in interior designs. It’s soft yet bold, feminine yet masculine. They are also complimentary colors on the wheel, making it a no brainer.

An example of this scheme in use:

Cobalt + Orange

Talk about BOLD and BEAUTIFUL. Blue and orange are complimentary colors. Meaning they are across from one another on the color scheme. You can’t go wrong with this route, and this color combination just goes to prove it.

An example of this scheme in use:

Rust + Citron Orange

Oh, look at this…another analogous color scheme! Picking from colors close to each other on the color wheel is fail proof when it comes to color schemes. And in this case, a desaturated orange alongside a darkened red makes a wonderful pairing.

An example of this scheme in use:

Primrose Pink + Yellow

Pink and yellow have always been a color combination in popular demand. These colors are analogous shades, sitting near one another on the warmer side of the color wheel. They are bright and make one feel cheerful and are often associated as ‘feminine’ shades. Being used for bold female brands or baby rooms.

An example of this scheme in use:

Forest Green + Ochre

A classic, retro color combination. It’s earthy and once again, an analogous color scheme. You might think of retro forest ads and posters when you see these two colors together. Or maybe even a fall garden. Never the less, it’s a great color combo that makes you feel warm and down to earth.

An example of this scheme in use:



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